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CoHF + My brother is going to read Harry Potter!!!

*This contains spoilers to City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. If you want to read the brother thing then skip down to where it says I'm done talking about COHF*

I'm not going to do a review on City of Heavenly Fire. Instead I'm just going to say one thing. That one this is that I think I'm the only person to cry when Sebastian died. He was by far one of my favorite characters in the entire series. I know, I know. He was odd and evil and truly messed up, but I still liked him. The only time, ONLY TIME, I cried during CoHF was when Sebastian died and there was Jonathan sitting there. Oh the feels. I thought he was going to live for a second, BUT HE DIDN'T. T__T" Okay, I'm done talking about CoHF to those who do not want to be spoiled.

Moving on, my brother, who is 22, IS GOING TO READ THE HARRY POTTER SERIES!! I'm so excited. He is, however, reading it only because the girl he currently has a crush on has a little sister who is 17 and she wants him to read the series. He figures he will since if he can get the little sister to like him and talk to her older sister about him he can get some brownie points. xD I gave him the first 2 books and the first thing he asked was how many pages there were in them. So, I told him and he replied, "That's too long." Oh, brother. 

Short Friending Meme :)

Here are just a few questions that I'll answer so if anyone is reading the things I post they know a bit more about me.

Name: Sam
Age: 14 (I know - but I'm almost 15, does that count?)
Location: USA
When did you learn to read? Hm. Probably around the time I started going to school which was when I was 5.
Favorite book genres: Well, I read a lot of YA (shocker) and the other genres of YA such as YA paranormal and YA paranormal romance. I also really like contemporaries, New Adult romance, Adult romance, a little bit of fantasy, things like that. *I'm not sure if I capitalized those right at all* xP
Do you write as well? I do.
Do you read fanfiction?  I do not, but I'm not against it in anyway as long as they are writing it legally.
Other interests: I really like music, video games (I'm learning the ins and outs of gaming atm), anime, being outside, intelligence in people, and I like having philosophical conversations with others.

Well, there's that. Enjoy and peace out, my bros. I think I have a new "outro" going on here. x]

I'm horrible at this >_

I realize that I may not have a bunch of people reading any of the things I post (which frankly isn't really anything), but I feel I need to apologize for my absence anyway. I haven't been reading much. I just now finished City of Heavenly Fire as in yesterday. >_< I know, I know, I did that one post about how excited I was about it and it took me a MONTH to read the damn thing. It wasn't that anything about that book was bad, haha, in fact that book was AMAZING. I just never took the time to sit and READ it through and through. I wasn't in any sort of reading slump; I, again, just never took the time to sit down and read it. So, because of all this not reading a bunch I didn't have anything to put up on here. Okay, okay, I lied, I MIGHT have forgotten about this site. v__v I'm truly sorry, but now I will try to make more frequent appearances on here. Currently I am reading Shattered by Kevin Hearne. It is book seven in the Iron Druid Chronicles and has started along nicely. I'm reading it on my Kindle and I'm about 13% into it. All right, so I'm going to stop here because I have an idea of another post I can put up really fast. One of the people I am following (it's called following, right?) put it up and I'm going to do it. ^_^ Peace, my bros. 

Tokyo Heist ≤ City of Heavenly Fire?

I just acquired City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. When I say "just acquired" I literally mean I got this book about 2 hours ago. It's....so.....pretty. AND THE DUST JACKET?????? Anyway, I'm not sure whether I'm going to put down Tokyo Heist and start reading it, or if I'm going to wait. I THINK I'm going to wait. Honestly, CoHF is a BRICK of a book and I'm not sure I want to carry it around school with me; especially since I probably won't get to read it much due to finals and studying for finals within my classes. //sigh. Haha, anyway, that is all at the moment. :3


Attachements Review

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

*This contains a few spoilers*

I've been meaning to review this book since I read it, but I just haven't gotten around to doing so. Anyway, I loved this book. I am starting to think that Rainbow Rowell is becoming one of my favorite authors. I've read all three of her books and loved each one. I think I like this book as much as Eleanor & Park, which is fine because it's literally RIGHT under Fangirl. Alright, now I shall actually move to the reviewing part.


There were minor things I didn't like about this book. It wasn't even that I didn't like them, I just liked them less. A lot of people have said that this book starts off really slow. I disagree with this. I think the book started off great, however, it just took Lincoln and Beth a LONG time to meet. They met within I believe the last 50 pages of the book. I would have liked to see more interaction between them and perhaps to see them go on a date or two before hand. I can see where this book can be slightly misleading, for overall I believe this book focused a lot more on Lincoln himself rather than Lincoln and Beth together. Regardless, this book is rather enjoyable beside the, what, one or two things I just mentioned above?


I loved all the characters. Well, almost. I can't say I loved Sam, but I felt like she was an important part of the story. Jennifer and Beth were hilarious with their emails. The way Jennifer was about being pregnant and how Beth just wanted to get married. I couldn't really bring myself to dislike Chris. I honestly liked him as a character. I feel that he honestly wasn't just ready for a real commitment. Justin and Lincoln's relationship was a good one as well. Overall, I really enjoyed these characters. 


This book was a cute little contemporary about older people. I really liked that, too; that they were older than just 17-18. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick fun read.



The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride - William Goldman

I am reading this book for my Language Arts class. We are reading chunks of it at a time and currently we are on page 288 out of....how ever many pages there are, haha. I am enjoying it so far. I was excited to begin reading this book, but I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to like it. Alas, it is a rather pleasant and entertaining read and I am looking forward to finishing it.

Seeress: Book Three (Runes Series) (Volume 3) - Ednah Walters

This is the third book in the Runes series by Ednah Walters (This book is best enjoyed after reading the first two books in the series, Runes and Immortals, and then Grimnirs, a companion novel focusing on two other characters that directly connects books 2 and 3). I was really excited for this book. I read and really enjoyed Grimnirs, but I was so ready to get back into Raine's perspective. I wanted more of Torin, to be honest.


Now, I had a little trouble getting into the first half of this book. For some reason, Raine and Torin just weren't doing it for me. I really wasn't a fan of how they treated each other. I don't mean that they neglected each other, it was just the way they acted. I found them slightly immature at times and other times I wanted to smack them both! I felt like all they did was bicker and lust after each other. Honestly, I think that was the only thing I didn't like about this book. By the second half of it, they actually seemed to return back to normal. That aside, I feel like their relationship grew within this story. I think that they saw sides of each other that they hadn't before and came to understand each other better. 


Torin and Raine weren't the only two you saw develop. You see sides of Ingrid, Andris, Femi, Blaine, Eirik, and of course Cora and Echo. Each of these characters all had their share of troubles and all were about able to overcome them. I really loved that about this book. I really feel that each character changed in some way; that they matured a little. You also get to meet new characters as well and that was exciting.


The ending of this book was amazing. That twist, baby. I seriously cannot wait for the fourth book. You definitely don't want to miss this addition to the Runes series. It has a lot of action, romance, and suspense. If you're hesitating about picking this up because of the beginning of this review, please don't. It really is a great book and deserves a read.


*Note: This is my first review. Ever. So, if it's a little sketchy, I apologize.



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